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Welcome to Shastik

SHASTIK GROUPS from its Corporate Office in Chennai Since 2018, has helped promote the economic gains by investing in many key growth sectors, and establishing key businesses and creating a long-term strategic relationship.

Shastik - India's biggest Trading broker offering the lowest, cheapest brokerage rates for futures and options, commodity trading, equity and Crypto Markets.

Our clients contribute to over 15% of all retail order volumes in India daily by trading and investing in:

  • Forex Market
  • Commodity derivatives
  • Indian Market
  • Crypto Market
  • Bonds and Govt. Securities

Why Choosing Shastik?

Our Motto?

To Build Everyone,Everywhere a Sucessful Crypto Trader

Our Vision?

We are dedicated to diversifying our investments locally, regionally and internationally, while maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards,and giving back to the communities, we live and work in.

Our Mission?

  • Expert Advisors Our team comprises of an expert team from different backgrounds of several sectors.
  • To Create an own NFT and Metaverse token in the use case of solving scalability issues and the streaming.To develop a Crypto Staking Protocol.
  • To build an own decentralized exchange for crypto transactions.
  • To Develop an dex wallet to currency transactions.
  • To develop an own NFT market place to express users talents through NFT's